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BE.GREAT Consulting is a Portuguese Management Consulting company present in the Portuguese and Angolan markets, as well as in the emerging markets of Asia, Africa and Latin America, providing global solutions in the area of Human Resources Management Consulting.

Founded by Fernanda Almeida, it has a team of consultants with diverse skills and experiences, acquired in leading multinational business environments, as well as in various business sectors, allowing to present highly qualified multidisciplinary project teams that support its clients in identifying their problems, good practices and the definition and implementation of solutions suited to their needs.

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The members of the company’s consultancy staff have a set of academic qualifications appropriate to the business areas in which they operate. The company values the development of research in new areas of knowledge and the participation of its consultants in research laboratories.

We work on a basis of proximity and trust with client companies, developing integrated solutions for talent management, attraction, recruitment, integration, retention of Human Capital, design of competency development plans, assessments, communication and organisational culture, contributing to the development of business and creating value for our clients.

With offices in Lisbon and Luanda, BE.GREAT Consulting develops its activity globally, where clients are located, having developed projects in several countries, namely Spain, France, Germany, UK, Mozambique, Cape Verde, South Africa and Brazil.


Managing Partner of BE.GREAT Consulting since 2012, whose main functions are the full responsibility for the management and definition of business development policies. She has a Degree in Human Resource Management and an MBA in Management.

She started her career in 1992 at a Multinational Human Resources Consultancy, where she stayed for 4 years. Subsequently, she was assistant to the Human Resources Director of a multinational in the automotive sector. In the meantime, she returned to consulting, having worked for some benchmark multinational and national companies in the area of Human Resources Consulting. For 7 years, she was at the Glintt group as the General Director of Consiste Recruitment/RHManagement.

She has developed her career in the area of Human Resources Consultancy, with extensive experience in developing “Indoor” Training programmes and “Management Outdoor” Recruitment and Selection, Executive Search and Organisational Development Projects.

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