Career Advice
We want to help you build a successful career and where you feel fulfilled
Career Advice

Whether you are a student, recent graduate, experienced professional or highly qualified professional who wants to take a new direction in your professional career or stand out from the crowd, our consultants can help you.

Being well prepared for the challenges of the labour market and achieving your goals is essential to achieve your personal and professional fulfilment. Our goal is to support you in your growth and development.

Our Career Advice programme’s mission is to identify development potential and analyse skills through a dynamic and integrated view of each person’s abilities, interests, motivation and personality.

  • Self-Analysis and Diagnosis of Motivations
  • Definition of Professional and Personal Objectives
  • Behavioural Profile Analysis: map of competence and critical areas in terms of development – with delivery of an Evaluation Report
  • Construction and optimisation of the Curriculum Vitae
  • Mentoring / Follow-up sessions – outline an action plan (*)
    (*) at this stage, areas such as: preparation for interviews, support in job search, identification of target companies and support in the disclosure of the CV can be worked on.
  • Promote CV

We guarantee a specialised process in the conduct of this programme, personalising it according to individual needs.

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