Management Consulting and Human Resources
Maintaining competitiveness in the market implies that organisations are efficient, agile, innovative, with high internal levels of knowledge and commitment

We develop projects/studies to provide clients with innovative solutions that allow them to leverage their business, systematising critical information about the business and good practices, human capital, business vision and culture, through Organisational Climate Studies; Change Management Programmes; Competency Assessment Systems; Assessment Systems by Objectives; Remuneration Policies; Skills Development Programmes; Career Plans.


We develop organisational climate analysis projects in national and international companies, using our own methodology that has shown excellent results in terms of employee participation and improving the quality of institutional relations. The methodology is based on three action vectors: Identification of the existing culture, the established objectives, the organisational support structure and the existing management policies; Design of tools and indicators to be applied for the collection and processing of information; Results report with improvement plan to be implemented.

consultoria projetos
Mudança organizacional


We design, in partnership with our clients, projects to support organisational change, both in terms of reorganising business models and organisational structures and in identifying/clarifying their cultural matrix and creating value.


We collaborate with companies in the design of effective human resources policies, in the development of career and succession plans, job analysis, performance evaluation systems, skills, remuneration and incentives.

We advise companies in the design of development plans for their human assets through global and individual training plans.

Politica de remunerações na empresa