Sectors of Activity
BE.GREAT Consulting’s innovative capacity is fully based on high quality standards and service excellence

Be.Great has a strong specialisation in these business sectors as a result of the experience of its team of consultants, with several years of effective work on projects in the area or from companies in these sectors. We develop activities in the National, European and African markets. We provide recruitment and selection services for middle and senior management.

We design and carry out training actions in the behavioural areas tailored to the needs of our clients and develop consulting projects in human resources policies, namely in salary policies, organisational climate analysis, assessments, succession and career plans and talent management.

Agriculture, Livestock and Fishing
- Agro-industry
- Agriculture
- Livestock
- Fishing
Banking, Financial and Legal Services
- Banking and Capital Markets
- Insurance
- Consultants & Auditors
- Investment Management
- Venture Capital
- Legal Offices
Industry, Energy, Utilities
- Food, Textile and Products
- Petroleum, Chemical and Extractive
- Energy and Utilities
- Transformation, Infrastructure and Automation
- Environment
Construction, Real Estate and Tourism
- Construction
- Real Estate and Architectural Office
- Hospitality and Leisure
Technology, Telecommunications and Media
- ICT's
- Telecommunications
- Entertainment and Communication
- Consumer Electronics
- Technology
Science and Health
- Health, Pharmaceutical Laboratories
- Sciences
- Pharmacies and Health Spaces
Mass Consumption
- Mass Consumption and Retail
- Distribution and Logistics
- Automotive
Government and Public Services
- Government
- Defence, Security and Justice
- Health and Social Assistance
- Transport
- Education