Training and Development
We help organisations become agile by developing creativity and problem solving in a collaborative way, empowering their human capital
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We develop integrated training solutions designed to meet the specific needs of each client and situation. We carry out training actions to provide management support tools, based on practical cases. Our consultants have effective experience of working in companies from different economic sectors, allowing existing programmes to be easily adapted to each client’s sector of activity and to the current specific needs.

We are certified by DGERT as a training entity and work with a team of qualified and certified trainers.

Entidade Formadora Certificada pela DGERT


We are in the market to help organisations implement processes that guarantee self-reflection and self-correction, allowing employees, teams and the company to think about what they consider to be more innovative. Our courses privilege immersion in the organisational reality, making participants co-authors of their own learning.

Some examples of training actions designed and experienced in client companies: Time Management and Personal Organisation; Negotiation Techniques, Public Presentation; Leadership, among others.

As part of the support to the leadership of organisations, we designed a Self Leadership programme that is supported by a methodology that converts individual improvement into a collective training action. The action is divided in three parts: DISC application, Classroom training and subsequent Coaching.
We developed a practical course to develop skills for presenting work ideas or business development projects using the Elevator Pitch methodology.
We organise projects with clients that allow a dynamic approach to processes of change in the company through events, using different methodologies such as Workshops, Focus Groups, MACTOR Method, Scenario Method.

For companies looking for new products or work processes and who need to question and design innovative solutions, appealing to a participatory environment involving a multidisciplinary team, we propose a workshop based on Design Thinking, a method that facilitates the development of innovative business solutions, helping to think and act ‘out of the box’ as well as to use creativity in a collaborative way to generate and implement innovative ideas to solve identified needs.

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We have our own Management Outdoor / Team Building training methodology that develops outdoor physical activities, where we experience experiential learning that allows individual and group development, guided by reflection sessions to be carried out after its execution. This type of action makes it possible to transform cultures and adapt behaviours to the strategies of organisations. This methodology allows to work with concepts:

  • Problem Solving
  • Resources Management
  • Creativity
  • Communication
  • Decision Making
  • Change in Attitude and Behaviour
  • Motivation (Overcoming Obstacles and Overcoming Challenges)
  • Project Management
  • Quality Management


Our consultants are certified and experienced professionals with an effective experience in managing business organisations, prepared to help people and teams to think and make personal and professional decisions in a sustained and innovative way, allowing to strengthen organisations.

At BE.GREAT Consulting, Coaching processes encourage the coachee to question their own assumptions, questioning him and constantly giving feedback on his performance.

This process, carried out on the basis of strict confidentiality, fosters self-knowledge in the coachee, and encourages the desire to change by experimenting with new scenarios, which can achieve extraordinary successes.