Looking for and attracting talent is a challenge that goes far beyond finding new employees. Our commitment is to create value in your organisation
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The search for the best professionals for our clients is a commitment that we undertake with dedication. We realise the importance for companies of the investment made to hire new team members and the importance of not making mistakes.

Regardless of the research method or identification of candidates to be selected by clients, we initiate the process with a detailed survey of the company’s business and the profile of personal and technical skills necessary for the professional to be hired. We cross-check all the interview information by verifying references with the entities where the candidates previously worked.

We provide clients with the following methodologies for searching candidates:


A Team of Consultants specialised in research of middle and senior staff, uses a multiple methodology of recruitment sources such as publication of advertisements in specialised press and reference sites, internal search in the database, advertisements on the website, social networks and direct market research, in order to guarantee a match between the candidate and our client company.

We develop a battery of interviews to identify the suitability of the candidates to the open needs and we present the client with a shortlist of professionals that match the profile sought.

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Together with our Client, we carry out an exhaustive survey on the profile, organisational culture, technical requirements and soft skills that define the personal and professional profile to be found.

We identify in the national and international market and through the extensive network of contacts, the professionals who can best meet the requirements identified, with the concern of identifying the companies, correct business areas, where the candidates will be found.
We develop approaches to candidates, conducting interviews that allow us to perceive their suitability to the open position and corporate culture of the client. For the candidates identified as part of the shortlist to be presented to the client, personal and professional references are collected and checked.

We accompany the client and the candidates throughout the process until its completion, monitoring the integration in the year following the candidate’s integration into the company.


We develop candidate selection processes for clients based on a set of tests to measure in detail the personal and professional skills necessary to fill positions in organisations. The process involves the application of one or more tools for profile analysis and behavioural testing of team work followed by a structured in-depth interview.

Specific analysis tests may also be developed for certain positions.

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